About this workshop

A workshop series on using the language of feelings and needs to decolonize communication, increase self-empathy, and embrace accountability and transformation without shame. Using a trauma-informed lens and the principles of Non-Violent Communication, this series will explore how we hold ourselves and others with empathy and compassion during times of conflict. During conflict, our bodies may go into a variety of triggered responses, impacting the quality of our communication, and setting off a reactive and disconnected pattern of communication during which no one’s needs get met.

Can we deepen our own somatic awareness of where our deepest triggers and pain live? Can we use this awareness to communicate our needs with increased clarity? What are the ways we can shift from shame-and-blame language, to choose processes for deepening connection and care?

Series content will include:

  • practices to deepen somatic awareness and understand trauma responses
  • practices to deepen self-empathy and self-connection
  • practices to strengthen reflective and authentic listening
  • practices to incorporate playfulness and humor while navigating conflict repair

This series may be for you if:

  • you are eager to be able to sense and understand the messages your body gives you about your feelings and needs

  • you're hungry to deepen your own emotional vocabulary, so that you can speak your needs into the world without anxiety or fear

  • you savor the idea of expanding your capacity for compassion and listening

  • feel isolated and without community for your own growth.

Session dates: Sundays, September 18-November 20

All sessions are Noon-2 pm PST.

  • Workshop is online via Zoom with automated captions.

  • This workshop is for all folks.

  • All sessions are recorded and made available for resale. Participants of this cohort will have lifetime access to content.

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Meenadchi's knowledge of DNVC, antioppressive lenses and deep love for humanity combine to create a space in which people can be seen, held, practice vulnerability, honesty connection, and reflect on their own truths in embodied integrity. They are a spectacular guide and their workshops will change your life & the way you relate to yourself and others. You might even be lucky enough to make and keep new friends from the class. Whatever dollar cost you invest in this class will be worth it.


If you are called to one of Meenadchi's containers, trust yourself, because you are absolutely in the right place. They are a soft force, to be invited into your life and to resource your growth. Meenadchi's course on DNVC for BIPOC practitioners is the most authentic, balanced, grounding and nourishing course I have ever taken. I received a depth of knowledge, skills, practice time, and reverence for both expressing my needs and consent. Thank you, Meenadchi, for sharing your gifts and for inviting us to share ours.


Thank you everyone who was in this learning community as you all were able to see me and offered gratitude for my authentic self. I was able to show up without the labels imposed in my personal and professional life.


When I am researching Decoloniality, in the academia it's often very dense space of theory. I can say, perhaps this is the first time I experienced decoloniality without using the word. Thank you so much for allowing for this poetics to unfold.